Mommy Makeover Australia

Mommy Makeover Australia

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are some of the most rewarding experiences a mother goes through. Most women don’t regret having undergone all the pain and discomfort for the sake of the children they love. This doesn’t mean, however, that many mothers don’t wish they had the same body they did before they gave birth.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can greatly alter a woman’s body. The breasts can either become much smaller and sag, or conversely, they may become uncomfortably large. The tummy may not naturally go back to being flat and trim. For some women, a good diet and workout regimen can get the body back into its pre-pregnancy shape, but there are some others who find it impossible to shed the flab no matter how much they exercise.

More and more of these women are opting to have plastic surgery restore their figures. Usually, they go for procedures that target the abdomen and the breasts, such as abdominoplasty (more commonly known as a tummy tuck), breast lifts, breast enhancement or reduction, and liposuction. Plastic surgeons and clinics are offering combinations of these operations as a package deal, and though there is no medical term for this, there is a term that the market has coined – the mummy makeover.

Part of the reason that these mummy makeovers have been gaining popularity is that plastic surgery is becoming safer and more socially acceptable. Still, there are plenty of concerns that every mother has to take into account before she considers taking a step like this one.

Who Are Good Candidates For Mummy Makeovers?

Mommy Makeover AustraliaIn general, it is best that a mother be sure that she is completely done with childbearing before she considers having plastic surgery done to address the changes that pregnancy has made on her body. If she has another pregnancy and breastfeeds another child, it may change or negate the previous work done, especially with an abdominoplasty. She should be in good health, because plastic surgery is still surgery, meaning that it is invasive, it carries the risk of infection, and there will be time needed to heal.

A mother should expect that she will not be able to carry out her normal daily routine during the healing period. This is why it is important that every mother should be sure her children are either old enough not to need constant attention, or that there will be someone to help care for the children while she recovers. Even with painkillers, the pain may debilitating for a day or two, depending upon the kinds of procedures that were undertaken. It is highly impractical to expect to be able to care for children and a home while in this condition.

I’ve Had A Ceasarian Section. Does This Mean I Can’t Have Abdominoplasty Done?

If you’ve had a child delivered through Ceasarian section, this should not affect an abdominoplasty. The incision of abdominoplasty is on the same level on the lower abdomen as a Ceasarian section, and also a hysterectomy. In fact, an abdominoplasty can get rid of the unwanted flap of skin some women have over the scar of their Ceasarian section incisions.

How Do I Prepare For A Mummy Makeover?

The first important step is always choosing a licensed and reputable plastic surgeon. There are unlicensed practitioners who offer these same operations at cheaper rates than licensed professionals, but the results may be even worse than initial problem. The next step is to have a thorough consultation with your plastic surgeon.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mummy makeover. Every set of procedures depends very much on the individual patient and what her goals are. It’s important to discuss this with your plastic surgeon so that you get a clear idea of what is realistically possible and the surgeon gets a clear idea of what your goals are.

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It’s also important to consult with your plastic surgeon about your medical history. Illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes increase the risk in any invasive surgery, and they must be under control before the operation can be done.

Smokers also have to stop smoking at least six weeks prior to the operation, so that the wounds are more likely to heal cleanly.

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